Before moving on to discount coupon strategies, you can take a look at our previous blog post, "What is the Importance of Discount Coupons in Marketing, What are the Types of Discount Codes" to learn about the importance of discount codes in merchandising and the types of discount codes. You can utilize discount coupon strategies to reach potential customers and make your existing customer base more valuable. Your business's diligence in marketing and budget planning and your ability to identify your target audience and direct your discount campaigns are critical to the effective distribution of discount coupons. Discount coupons that you prepare by considering these factors will become powerful tools in attracting customer interest and building loyalty.

What Should You Consider When Preparing a Discount Coupon?

Discount codes should include answers to questions such as who, when, what, and how. It should be planned in advance and include the answers to the questions we give. For example, the discount coupon strategy of a brand that appeals to young clothing and a brand that appeals to middle-aged and older clothing should not be the same. Similarly, let's consider a store that appeals to a wide age range and different tastes. The discount coupons applied to the store's customers differ; strategies vary according to time and audience. To give another example, one of the most frequently encountered discount codes is the special discount coupon for the first purchase after becoming a member of the online store. This campaign, which appeals to an audience that is not yet a customer of the brand, is preferred by many stores, especially for online orders.

In addition to coupons that appeal to the masses, brands can also offer personalized discount codes. Personalized discount codes are sometimes time-limited, and such strategies are used to mobilize consumers and get conversions. Website notifications such as "Buy the products in your cart today and take advantage of the discount" are among the practices defined as call-to-action and aim to mobilize the user.

Discount coupons can be designed digitally or physically. The preparation, printing, and distribution of coupons physically distributed in the store is a labor-intensive process. The design, text, and attractiveness of the codes presented digitally are important; sometimes they are dropped as a notification on the website and sometimes they are delivered to customers via e-mail marketing.

Who is the Target Audience of Your Coupon Marketing Strategies?

Choosing the target audience in coupon marketing strategies is the first step in marketing. You should first determine what kind of audience your strategy concerns. When it comes to discount coupons, you should not make every coupon accessible to your entire audience. For example, you may have a deal that only interests students, or you may be targeting an audience that is shopping from your brand for the first time. What is the goal you want to achieve with discount codes? Is it to attract new customers, to win back your old customers, or to make your existing customers feel better? Depending on your goals, you can identify your customer pool and potential customer pool, and then notify these customers about your coupons.

If your store's products appeal to a very wide audience, it might be a good option to categorize your customer pool. For example, if you sell baby, kids, and youth products and your goal is to promote new season youth products, you can offer your discount code for this audience.

When Should You Begin Your Coupon Marketing Strategies?

As with all campaigns, timing is important with discount coupons. Even if you choose your target audience correctly, an ill-timed coupon announcement may bring you fewer conversions than you expect. For example, if you want to increase the sales of a category in February, then you should make your coupon announcement promptly and give the start and end dates of the coupon clearly on the coupon. On the contrary, when you create discount codes valid for 1 day, you should prepare your campaign notification with a mobilizing and remarkable design and keep the timing right.

Personalized discount codes can be shared on days that will make the customer feel special and make them shop, such as birthdays. The announcement of these campaigns should also be made in advance; you can inform the customer specifically about the campaign through e-mail marketing or SMS marketing.

Increase Customer Loyalty with Discount Coupons!

Remember that as much as acquiring new customers, you need to keep your existing customers satisfied and loyal to you. Don't forget to organize special campaigns only for your old customers. Increase the power of both your online store and your physical store with discount codes!