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15 Sep What Should Be Considered in Discount Coupon Strategies?
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Before moving on to discount coupon strategies, you can take a look at our previous blog post, "What is the Importance of Discount Coupons in Marketing, What are the Types of Discount Codes" to learn ..
14 Aug What is the Importance of Discount Coupons in Marketing, What are the Types of Discount Codes?
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Discount coupons, which can be of great interest to customers, are one of the marketing strategies that stores can offer digitally or physically and aim to increase the promotion and revenue of the br..
21 Jul How to Implement Digital Transformation into Retail
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The rapid advancement of technology brought together a digital transformation in the retail industry as a result of the changing expectations of modern customers. This digital transformation in the re..
20 Jun How to Price A Product in Retail and E-Commerce?
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As a retail store or an e-commerce business owner, one of the most crucial decisions you can make is the price of your products. Making correct pricing decisions might have a positive impact on your b..
02 Jun How to Use Social Media Marketing Effectively for E-commerce
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In today's digital world, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for e-commerce businesses and retailers looking to thrive in the competitive online marketplace. As a retailer, levera..
26 Apr Summer Season E-commerce Strategies for Boutiques
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  Seasonal transitions, when plans are made and new strategies are developed, can sometimes be stressful for boutique owners, but they can be turned into an opportunity for your boutique to freshen up..
03 Apr How to Turn Your Small Instagram Shop into An E-commerce Business?
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If you have an Instagram shop and you want to grow your business by turning it into a fully developed e-commerce business, you might have some questions on your mind. Well, we’re here to answer your q..
13 Mar How to Start an E-Commerce Business from Scratch?
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Establishing your own e-commerce business and taking your business one step further are among our dreams. Taking the necessary steps to manifest your dreams; requires business insight, creativity, and..
30 Jan How to Increase Valentine’s Day Sales
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As a retailer or an online shop owner, you must know that special days like Valentine’s Day are crucial for your sales. So crucial that if you move carefully and strategically, you might experience a ..
02 Jan How to Apply Marketing Psychology Principles to Your Marketing Strategies
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Now that you know several of the simple marketing psychology principles, it is time to choose among them and apply them to your already existing marketing strategies. Who knows, maybe you have been fo..
08 Dec 5 Most Popular Marketing Psychology Principles
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Marketing psychology, though it might seem complicated and as if it requires professional knowledge, actually consists of knowledge that every successful marketer should possess. In contrast to the fa..
07 Nov Black Friday is Approaching: What Should Wholesalers and Retailers Pay Attention to on Black Friday?
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Black Friday, which will take place on November 25-26-27-28 this year, brings hundreds of stores together with thousands of customers.  The last link of the chain going as Suppliers -> Manufacturers -..
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