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26 Sep The Importance of Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Retailing
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The part they are most interested in is how and when a product reaches the customer's hands. This process, which you as a company must also approach meticulously, is often not easy or short. A number ..
12 Sep How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction?
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While your products and services are at the core of your sales, they are not the only source of sales that are falling or not high as you expected. You may have the best products or services, but that..
29 Aug Marketing 101 for Small Businesses: Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan
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A marketing plan consists of all the strategies you use to get your products or services in front of your target customers. Creating a marketing plan is crucial for your marketing strategy to succeed ..
16 Aug Marketing 101 for Small Businesses: Learning the Basics
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When you own a small business, sometimes marketing basics can get confusing since everything runs differently and there is no specific rule guide for marketing basics for small businesses. Even though..
02 Aug Sustainability in Retail Industry: Economic Sustainability
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Sustainability in the retail industry has different aspects like social, environmental, and economic. Social sustainability is concerned with the industry’s relations with people and society while env..
29 Jul Sustainability in Retail Industry: Social Sustainability
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The topic of sustainability in business keeps getting more importance and attention over time. The three pillars of sustainability, economic, environmental, and social, get different attention levels...
21 Jul Marketing Tips for SMEs
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Marketing is a multidimensional and challenging area of business. As the scale of the business gets smaller, the challenge may grow. Especially for SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), marketing..
17 Jul What is Remarketing and How Does It Work?
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Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that is often used to send personalized ads to customers who have previously visited a website or product page, whether they have taken an action or not. Vi..
17 Jun All You Need to Know About Customer Experience for Your Brand
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All You Need to Know About Customer Experience for Your BrandJust a moment, consider your experiences as a customer. Your needs and wants have led you to various brands. You have come across different..
07 Jun How to Scale Your Small Business?
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As a small business owner, you may always be looking for a growth opportunity. But just because you're on track to run your small business doesn't mean it's easy to grow. At this point, you need to un..
01 Jun Inventory Management Strategies in the Retail Industry
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Inventory management is the system to manage inventory throughout the supply chain. It includes everything and every step from raw goods to finished products, stocking, and selling. It also audits the..
14 Apr Sustainability in Retail Industry: Environmental Sustainability
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The fashion industry is an important part of many countries' economies. Especially over the past decades, the sector has grown significantly, employing over 75 million people globally. Fashion and ret..
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